Zita Martins - female space scientist

Dr. Zita Martins gave up her dream of becoming a ballerina, to pursue a career as a space. Elena Poznyak meets a woman in a male-dominated field of astrobiology.

As much as I respect scientists, I know that all the work she'll do will be at the expense of her humility.

Zita Martins space scientist

She needs to speak to Billy Meier, the famous Alien contactee.

I'll save her some time too. We're not alone, ETs have been messing with us since we first evolved. We're hybrids.

The ET scenario is being hidden from us, because those that rule the work (Zionist Masons) don't want to lose their cleptocracy and trillionaire status. ETs will tell us that we don't need to slave our whole lives for the Banksters and we have a spiritual path to follow, not a material one.

The truth is out there and she should expand her reading a little. I doubt she will.

Here's the free film. If you want proof of his prophecies - watch the new film "As time fulfils"

The gripe I have about scientists in general is that they seem to cling to creation theory, something which jumps out in the paragraph copied below.

"In 2008, Martins and international colleagues announced they had made a dramatic breakthrough. Testing fragments of a carbon-rich meteorite that had crashed into Australia in 1969, they found that an important component of present-day genetic material — part of the raw materials to make the first molecules of DNA and RNA, the building blocks of life — came from outside Earth".

There is absolutely no reason to think that anything is going to be unique to Earth so how can finding a particular molecule from outside the Earth be described as a dramatic breakthrough?
This is not a criticism of Dr Zita Martins, just a general moan about scientific prejudice.

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