In US election flop need to be reviving

Localism or centralism for that matter, only works if the elected members are accountable to the electorate. Simply shifting responsibility to locally elected people doesn't necessarily deliver localised control.

Interestingly, in our county, the elected PCC is the former chair of the polcie commission. Nothing changed except she got more control and less accountability. She is in till 2016. At least a sthe appointed chair she could have been turfed out at any time.
Well, yes, but true ocalism would:

  • See taxes raised and spent locally under a county by county basis.
  • See central government get a grant from the county (not the other way around).
  • See all taxes subject to referism: the people would have to agree and sign off a budget presented to them by the county heads.
  • We would directly appoint those councillors, again, by local election.
  • We, the county level electorate; would be able to remove any of those councillors at any time.
  • Central government can place no legislation without a grace period during which, should we reject it it does not pass.
  • So no SI, no Bills, no shoved through legislation. If we don't like it (windmills, HS2, gay marriage, 'carbon trading', tax increases, defence spending, surveillance - anything - we block it.

Under a true localist agenda, we would never have joined the EU. Our local MP would have taken our vote and done as he was told. He would have no other choice.
Central government is then powerless. It is our machine to do our will directly. Local government more directly affects us and again, is brought completely to heel. If the budget is too high or someone's skimming, we sack them - instantly.
This is why they talk of 'localism' but reject it. They really, really don't want us to have a democratic society. Can you imagine what the point would be of these huge, monolithic state departments, all those empire building civil servants when, year after year we take away their power and our money simply by saying no? No room for egotistical, arrogant PMs, shady backroom deals (Mandelson), profiteering civil servants spending hundreds of billions on new aircraft or carriers we neither want nor can afford for 'jobs for the boys', or MPs doing the same to garner votes. No democracy terrifies them. That's why they reject it at every turn.
This is why no one voted for the PCCs. This isn't democracy and we know they will have no real power or purpose. It wasn't apathy but disinterest. The political class and the media confuse the latter for the former.

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  1. avatar Jmanon Says:
    May 27, 2013

    All government, whether central or local, needs to be accountable. Local government seems even less acountable than central government. They car less for us and pay themselves what they like. The abuse of various local services is far beyond what the MPs get upto fiddling their expenses. 

    Of course, if we had a complete change at each election it might be better.

  2. avatar Bob Says:
    May 27, 2013

    People are not interested in farting about with the minutia of localism, its far too boring.

  3. avatar Pinkrose Says:
    May 27, 2013

    If we had a referendum on Europe people would turn out to vote. 

    The Peoples Pledge campaign group held a referendum on whether people wanted an In or Out referendum on the EU, a few months ago in Manchester. More people voted in a dummy run in a referendum on holding a referendum than voted in local elections, by elections and PCC elections in Manchester. People do turn out to vote when it is something they are interested in and something where the outcome really matters. Unfortunately the powers that be in this Country never allow the people to have real power over anything that truly matters. 

    I favour a Switzerland style direct democracy, regular referendums on a broad range of subjects and the political class doing what the people want and not the other way around. I also think FPTP is not credible in an era when allegiance to the two main parties is falling drastically. We need PR, the same type used in the Euro elections. That way people can vote for who they really want ie UKIP, Greens etc and no vote would be wasted.

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