When Spontaneous Travel Doesn't Always Work

Sometimes there is nothing like being able to just take off with a last minute flight deal. There are some many sites offering great deals such as Skyscanner being featured on this very site. These sites are great for the spontaneous traveller.

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But there of course are times when this doesn't quite work. When I went to New Zealand it was very much a spontaneous thing, I decided I would go when I finally got a working holiday visa. From Auckland I planned at very short notice where I was going next thanks to discount travel and cheap backpackers. You could go anywhere.

However, when I did my motorcycle trip around Europe it was a different story. Particularly as it was the high season I found that I had to wait a few days in order to get a space for motorcycles and a cabin on the Stena Hollondica. But it was the Olympics at the time. Of course if you wanted to pay a premium it was possible but I was a backpacker still on a a limited budget.

Then I was quite limited on the accommodation front. I eventually ended up at a backpackers in Bunnik, just outside Utrecht. It was one that I have never seen before it was a leisure park which was quite interesting to say the least. It was more a quieter hostel with a families as well as some backpackers. Even the high season it was just me and a guy from Brazil on his first ever trip to Europe. But things always turn out for the best and if it wasn't for the challenges I faced then I probably wouldn't have discovered this place.

But I realized very quickly the Netherlands was not the place to be doing spontaneous travel in high season. And even then the weather was not the best. There was some brief moments of sunshine so was able to get some pictures on my trip.

The idea of taking a Motorcycle was great having so much freedom and getting around this rather compact country was pretty straightforward. But when it come to Amsterdam this did turn into a burden. Parking was largely non existent in the city centre and even then it was expensive.

So I concluded that doing a spontaneous road trip including Amsterdam is not the most ideal trip. It is a good idea for the rest of Holland. Even the other cities have some good options. But Amsterdam needs a trip within itself. Using public transport would be easier and cheaper. The cost of train travel is low and makes it much more practical.

The motorcycle trip would suit more a multi country trip when the weather is nicer, and the German border is so close it makes sense to see that too. And the other Benelux countries are within arms reach and should be what any motorcycle trip should be about.

But if you want total freedom then the motorcycle is probably one of the best ways to see the sights and landmarks in Europe. Most probably other countries too.

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