Unusual Buildings and street objects

One of the great things about travelling is seeing different architectural styles. Whether it is a piece of Islamic architectural extravagance, a victorian styled building or an interesting piece of modern architecture.

There are those unusually painted buildings too. Not forgetting, other interesting objects and street furniture. You might even find the odd piece of street art. Some might even call all these pieces an art form in their own right.

This arts post building in Hamilton, New Zealand would really does stand out. Although I did exaggerate the image slightly it did actually have that vivid unmissable color scheme.

What can be more interesting than having a replica Spit-fighter in the park? This is actually a memorial for the Royal New Zealand Airforce for those fallen in World War II. Although as war memorials go it is pretty unique.

Westfield Shopping Mall, Auckland, New Zealand Christmas decorations get as big as they can get. This giant Christmas bauble looks like it would be too big even for the tallest tree in the Amazon Rainforest. For scale there is a post box showing the grand size of this street decorative piece.

In the current economic climate, there are many disused buildings like this hotel in England. Graffiti is now common-place in our towns and cities.

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