The art of travelling

Artists like all creatives need inspiration. This can be drawn from many experiences. But of course one of the best sources of inspiration has to be travelling. You could get inspiration on a journey, the people that you meet on the way as well as the places you visit.

Cape Spear Lighthouse by Gwynne Giles

Certainly if you are an artist that looking for something unique travelling could well help you improve your creativity. Some of the more unique and inspirational art is inspired by the lesser known locations in the world. Perhaps those lesser known places that you have barely heard of could inspire you more.

This could give you the inspiration that you have been looking for. As a result you may want to try something totally original, perhaps something that you have never contemplated trying before. You might even learn some new techniques from a local artist, or a style from the locality you are visiting. The possibilities are endless.

One of the difficulties that photographers certainly would have experienced in the abundance of images from the world's most visited locations. That is because there is no shortage of common iconic images of a sunset on Bondi Beach or the New York City Skyline, or even St Paul's Cathedral. That does cause a problem when trying to produce work that would appeal to others.

Such Is Life by Dan Merritt

But if you have produced some unique art work that is from a more unique place, maybe even somewhere that someone has barely heard of. It would not only be your skill as an artist that would amaze people but the place that you have painted. Another reason you would have got satisfaction is because that painting also represents that cultural experience that you had overseas.

Light in the Forest by Bill Morgenstern

There are some places that are as yet unexplored to a certain extent in the art world. Eastern Europe, certainly outside the main cities would be a place of interest. Another such place you could explore would be South East Asia. There are many places off the beaten track that still remain unexplored for artists. You could find something really special that would truly inspire you and perhaps even change the way you paint. Remember that your image doesn't need to be literal, your inspiration might open your eyes. Something abstract would really show how unique you can be. Not forgetting that unique experience you had painting another country.

The Fine Artists World Gallery has art painted all over the world. It is a good starting place to learn more about the artists, and some inspiration for those looking to follow in their footsteps.

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