Music Festival Survival Guide

The music festival season is nearly here. Maybe you are a seasoned festival goer or perhaps its your first time. It is certainly going to be an experience, good or bad. Usually you are going to be going with friends, quite possibly in a group.

If its your first time you might want to check my article on travel safety as many of the same rules do apply. Of course firstly with festivals you should have some expectations. Firstly you are going to have to relax your personal space requirements. You are going to be camping for than likely, and its not going to be an en-suite in the Hilton. So expect to let your personal hygiene standards to slip a little too.

And then we have the portaloo, which is often affectionately referred to as the ??thunder box' in certain parts of the world. But no-one has ever got the black death or the plague so your safety is assured. You might also benefit from a liberal attitude towards recreational drugs. Even if you don't take them yourself your friends certainly will.

It would often be wise to say no, because music festivals are a prime target for law enforcement to find dealers. Of course that your choice if you want to take the risk. Then of course we have the alcohol, it would be wise to watch your drinking. If you are visiting from the US visiting some other parts of the world, such as the UK the drinking age is lower at 18. If you are susceptible to hang overs you might want to take it easy wight he drinking after all you are there for the music not to nurse your inevitable self inflicted headaches.

While you're at the festival, stay safe. It would be advisable not to take your very best digital camera with you. Thieves are opportunists and they get everywhere and will have an eye for high quality camera. Put it down it will more than likely disappear forever.

Keep in touch with your friends as music as possible, and again going back to the drinking, be careful who you accept drink from. And the usual anti-spiking rules apply here too, put careful where you put it and keep you eye on it. Rapes at festivals are not overly common but it is a risk.

But remember you are there for a live music experience, and by having a little commonsense you will get the experience that you have been looking for. You have more than likely always wanted to goto a festival, so make it an experience to remember for the right reasons.

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