Three cycles of fertility treatments for couples

Treatment that includes genes from the mother, the father and the donor, to help with incurable, mitochondrial diseases. It is known as the three-parent in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Three parent fertility treatments

While the idea is still under evaluation, but someare claiming that these genetically modified embryos slippery slope "designer" eugenics.

Do you notice no one ever seems to consider the child who results from this sort of unnatural manipulation of natural selection?
It does show how selfish we humans are as a species !

Nothing like the ignorance of the "just adopt" crowd. Maybe if they understood how much money ($40k) and how long it is to wait to adopt a child, that you can't just pick up a kid at the local bodega like you're picking up a bottle of milk. If you've ever said "Just adopt," I hope you'll consider picking up a book called "The Girls Who Went Away," one of the first really honest books about adoption, during the Baby Scoop era. That book changed me - I realize how glibly I parroted this idea that adoption is automatically better.

Even now many women and men who give up their children regret it for the rest of their lives due to the feeling that they were coerced into doing so. How many of the "just adopt" crowd have considered what it would take to cut down on teen pregnancies, and allow these young mothers to raise their kids themselves, if they want?

Adoption is not EASY for anyone, it is an evolving dialogue and experience that affects both sets of parents, and the child, for their entire lives. And that's not even looking at the specific challenges of transracial adoption, which are increasingly common.

I challenge the negative commenters to answer this question - How many of these "just adopt" folks themselves have adopted? Do they think just infertile people are responsible for adopting all the unwanted children of the world? What responsibility do others, people who already have families, or who are single, or who are not planning to have children at all - what responsibility do they have to those children?

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