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If you're going to have a blog you also need blog ideas. After all, what are you going to write about? It could be inspirational, informative, funny, educational, newsworthy, gossip or any number of things, but in all of these it needs to be interesting.

If your blog ideas aren't interesting then nobody will want to come back. So what are some things you can write about that will hold a readers interest?

Here's a few ideas to get blog ideas. First of all you can check out these sites that have hot topics: ebay pulse, google trends, twitter, CNN, Amazon, Yahoo Buzz, Digg and all the other social sites. These are good places to start.

Then you make a list of your blog ideas so that you won't have to do it again. After that you check to see if there are any of these that you could do a series on.

Place a check mark next to your choices and if you have a money making blog see if there's any affiliate programs for those topics. All you need to do is google the name of the topic or product and add affiliate program after it.

Another blog idea is to write the pros and cons or a review. People are interested in the good and bad of most anything whether it's a product or just plain gossip. They want to hear the juicy details it's human nature so why not give it to them.

Additionally, it's always interesting to tell a story. We all like stories, especially the inspirational or motivational ones. If you have stories that capture interest use them for blog ideas. One way to find out is tell it to someone and take note of their response.

These are just a few blog ideas that can help you get unstuck when you're mind goes blank or if you're a newbie who is clueless. A little food for thought that will hopefully prompt you to take action. No action = no results.

You have to do it not just think about it. If you don't know what to do then you need a blogging coach or mentor to show you how. One of the best ones online is Amy Bass of the Niche Blogger. She blogged her way out of a $72,000 debt.

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