Learn to overcome self-doubt

Do you know the first step to fulfilling all your dreams and wishes? The one thing you need to first get a handle on your life?

Once you find the key, you will never be the same person again. You can't wait to see what it is? The one thing you can do to open every door?

It is the power of your thoughts. Or rather, mind control and selective control of your thoughts. Most people give up prematurely, because they get discouraged. Self-doubt comes from within. But how do you build a real wall against self-doubt, so you can literally walk from success to success?

You must first understand one thing. Self-control is an issue of mind control. Perhaps the word "mind control" sounds kind of mysterious, crazy or even evil. You may associate it with things such as telepathy or experiments used by investigators in former times.

But that is not the point here. What I mean is the ability to lift your spirits and turn your thoughts back to the desired outcome - focus on the particular idea or goal. The idea here is to develop mental strength and learn to use your existing power of thoughts.

If you choose to drive your own thoughts that determine your thinking, ignore discouraging influence from the outside and refuse to allow self-doubt on the inside, you control your mind. And this does not not mean you should stop listening to anyone who gives you well-meaning and helpful advice. You need constructive opinions of others, even though you might not like their criticism. No one knows so much that he does not need a consultant and an expert once in a while.

Philosophers and religious thinkers agree that we are what we think. In other words, we are the sum of our dominant thoughts. Not only are we able to think, which in itself is great. In addition, we are able to direct our thoughts freely and directly to a goal or a dream.

You decide what thoughts dominate your thinking. You have a choice and the power to react to circumstances and others criticism the way you choose. It's up to you whether you can learn from the feedback of other people or let criticism build up your self-doubt. You have the choice whether to continue pursuing your goals or give up.

And depending on which kind of thoughts (fearful, doubtful, positive, confident, egotistic, compassionate, negative, determined, etc.) prevail in your thinking and are most frequent, you will get the corresponding outcome.

No matter what your goal is, you can achieve it - if you choose to. Stick to your goal, take on advise from positive people in your life and experts to learn from mistakes and follow your path. But defeat self-doubt and don't get distracted by negative or nagging persons. Understand that you will often feel self-doubt and fear, after you have made the decision to achieve something, especially if the hoped-for success fails or something unforeseen happens.

The key point here is that you progress only by bringing things to an end. Trying is not enough. Courage and strength of character, the sense of responsibility for your actions and decisions lead to success. Hesitation and self-doubt are a road block on the path to success. Otherwise, you will eventually belong to the kind people who know everything better, because they have already started everything, didn't finish anything and failed. To your success!

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