Electrical Service on Web Site

There is general lighting in every exhibit area; however, jewelry usually requires additional lighting to best show its quality.

Spotlights are available for rental only through the Javits Convention Center. Outlets must also be rented in order to hook-up and provide connections not only for spotlights but also for lighted showcases, whether your own or rented. You must rent outlets in order to hook-up your own electrical fixtures. No wiring, installation of spotlights or other electrical work shall be done except by authorized tradesmen.

It is strongly recommended that you not overlight your exhibit area. Usually, one spotlight at each side of the booth is sufficient to properly highlight your merchandise.

Electrical service must be ordered via the form found in this section. Submit your form without delay to receive the discounted rate.

Requests for special electrical equipment or power requirements should be discussed first with the head electrician before order forms are completed.

People using alarmed showcases must order 24 hour power. TELEPHONE SERVICE

Telephone service, including both lines and instruments, is available for rental. An order form is included in this section.

If you are using your own portable or cellular telephone, please be sure to give your telephone number to the Show Office, if you wish us to direct callers to dial you directly. The Show Office is not in a position to accept telephone messages for exhibitors.


If you require catering on-site, Service America is the only vendor you may use. However, no liquor, beer or wine will be permitted. Food orders must be placed prior to the show using the enclosed form.

Orders will be delivered to booths between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. each day. Service America personnel will not be permitted on the exhibit floor during show hours. Additional ice, if needed during the day, must be picked up at the Service America station at the rear of the exhibit hall. If you are using a refrigerator, be sure to order sufficient power and outlets.


Cleaning the aisle carpet and emptying of wastebaskets is included in your rental fee. WASTEBASKETS MUST BE PLACED IN THE AISLE EACH NIGHT. Cleaning of individual booths is available at the exhibitor's expense. An order form for booth cleaning is included in this section Show Management does vacuum all booth carpet the night prior to show opening.

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