Facebook as Marketing Tool

If you are not using Facebook as marketing tool in your marketing arsenal you are missing one of the best ways to promote your business. Facebook is the number one social media marketing tool available today. It just maybe the right time to implement this tool.

Why use Facebook as marketing tool... Well one reason if you are skipping this you are losing the advantage of over 500 million global visitors who could recognize your business as a place they would want to visit and use your products or services.

Who is using Facebook social media

More and more business are using Facebook today and know that once they did business got much better and opportunities flew in the door they would have otherwise missed. Remember also that a Facebook user has sometimes hundreds of friends whom they socialize with sometimes daily and if they like you they will spread the word to all of them with their Facebook comment for all to see. This is one great reason Facebook as marketing tool cannot be ignored.

So this is easy?

Social media especially Facebook is so strange for most companies to do this, they simply ignore it and think they do not need it. The reason is they simply have not got a clue how to do it right. It is just too out of the box for them to try to figure out. There is no blueprint clear cut formula to using Facebook as marketing tool it throws them for a loop even to try. So obviously finding information on this social media marketing media must be why you are here reading this now and if you need help you have come to the right place!

How in the heck do I do this then?

You must first go on Facebook and look around, observe what others are doing how they are making a presents on Facebook. Some are utilizing a fan page and by doing so soon build what is known as a fan base. This is a army of Facebook people (fan base) who are interested in your company or your niche or your product or service. When you see you are getting a fan base you keep them and grow more by posting updates and pictures include links everything you can come up with that is relevant to your business and your brand. By doing this you are starting to engage in Facebook as marketing tool. This fan base will grow and grow as more and more tell their friends to join as they did. This is also a great tool to learn exactly what your customer thinks about your product and gives you ways to improve and learn exactly what is in their minds concerning your business.

But never ever scare your fans away by just posting promotions and or special offers right away or too often. It is ok to include these on occasion but mostly you want to just become a friend answer their questions they come up with and gain their trust. Building a relationship with your fans will reward you ten times fold over time. That time will be shorter than you may think too when you use Facebook social media as a great tool.

This should be easy for me I am a profestional advertising marketer!

Too many advertising marketers miss the boat with Facebook by thinking only about making money and forget they are on a social networking market and if they do not create a relationship they will never gain a sale. Growing a positive relationship your company's branding will grow and have endless possible advantages and this is what most advertising marketers fail to achieve and miss the boat!

Relax while there join in and have fun with your marketing. Let your army work for you while you just have some fun and make some friends. One great way to do this is to ask your fan base if they would like to have a contest where your fan base will post entries while inviting their friends and their fan base to put in a LIKE on their page or a picture. This will do a chain where others then will do the same and bingo what a fan base you now have.

I have heard Facebook costs too much for ads

This type of marketing is one of the cheapest ways to do marketing too. A fan page cost nothing. If you choose to use an ad you can do that for around twenty dollars. Some nonprofit companies or small business who has tried Facebook as marketing tool say by using one tiny ad placed on Facebook they almost overnight got a giant fan base. Remember Facebook as marketing tool is all about thinking outside the box and it is never all about the money. That will come naturally soon.

In conclusion just remember what works on TV or a magazine and newspaper does not work the same using Facebook as marketing tool. You need to forget all of that and just think about being a friend, a answer man a confident and have fun. By doing that you will become a giant in your market and one people trust and you will never look back at the day you started using Facebook as marketing tool with disappointment.

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