Web hosting review: the best web hosting companies

Looking for the best hosting company to take care of your hosting needs? Then you have come to the right place. At the risk of sounding like a promoter, let me just go ahead and let you evaluate the best hosting companies out there; happy hunting. And they are:

Justhost ($2.95)

Justhost comes at with a very affordable hosting plan for its customers, delivering packages that are complete with tools for constructing a new website and maintaining it.

You get one-click app installation with Justhost which basically implies that you can install site components on your website in just a single click. If you plan to start an eCommerce websites, shopping carts and shared SSL certificates are also available making it convenient.

The features include unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains. In terms of the operating system, it only supports Linux servers.

When it comes to your customized email accounts, it provides webmail, unlimited storage, and an unlimited number of POP3 or IMAP email addresses. You also get to access SMTP email, aliases, forwarding, catch-all accounts, mailing lists, autoresponders, spam protection and the ability to form mail scripts.

Justhost comes with a control panel from which you can be able to edit and update content easily. The cPanel provided enables you to view site statistics to assess the performance of your website in terms of traffic.

It is also possible to create custom cron jobs and error pages. The script library gives you free scripts to install and use on your website.

Among the other features you should expect with Justhost is support for Javascript and Flash which enable you to embed videos alongside your content.

There's also secure shell (SSH) access, a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices.

The technical support is excellent because it includes 24/7 live support via phone, email and live chat.

Go Daddy ($4.99)

Go Daddy is undisputedly the largest web hosting company on the internet with an excess of 45 million domain names.

As would be expected in such a crowded environment, the service delivery, especially the technical support is hardly the best you could find.

The features you should expect include customizable email accounts, database and support for several programming languages, including CGI (Python and Ruby), PHP, Perl, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion and FrontPage extensions.

However, these features are not all available with the basic package unless you upgrade to the pricier packages. For eCommerce websites, you will be able to access shopping cart software but the service comes at a premium.

Go Daddy offers limited hard disk space unless you are purchasing a premium option which can be expensive to most people. If you happen to own a small business or blog, you can still make do with the economy pack that allows you 10GB.

The Deluxe Package offers 150 GB in case you decide the space is still not sufficient enough. The Unlimited Plan offers you as much hard disk space and bandwidth as you want but the databases are limited to 1GB each. The number of email addresses is also capped at 1,000 addresses.

Using Go Daddy, novice users and advanced developers alike can use site creation tools to set up their websites.

In terms of technical support, Go Daddy's customer service representatives can be reached o phone phone or via email.

Arvixe ($4.00)

Arvixe has an attractive array of features and provides free domain names as long as you remain a client.

The hosting servers run on both Linux and Windows operating systems. Arvixe's plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Arvixe also provides unlimited domains under each of its hosting plans, save for the most basic plan.

Arvixe offers free file transfer if you want to move your website onto their servers once you open your account. However, there is a size limits as regards the size of the files. Personal class packages allow free transfer for files less than 5GB in size while sites hosted on business accounts allow for 10GB.

Site creation tools are accessible from the control panel of every account. Arvixe provides a rich script library that includes among other things blogs and CMS apps. You can install the CMS apps in a single click as well.

The script library enables one to easily create a unique and dynamic website without having to code anything.

You will also have access to site statistics from your dashboard.

MidPhase ($5.95)

MidPhase has three different hosting packages: starter hosting, unlimited hosting and business class hosting.

The starter and unlimited plans are most suitable for small and medium -sized businesses. The unlimited plan on the other hand is best suited for big companies although if you really need the resources it offers, it provides the best deal overall.

The unlimited and business-class plans offered by MidPhase both support Windows and Linux hosting on their servers. Other features provided include unlimited email addresses, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and MySQL databases.

For its unlimited domains, it is only U.S.-based domains that are supported. The unlimited email feature comes with autoresponders and spam filters.

There is a comprehensive site builder tool for the newbie as well as for pros. A web-based file manager helps you keep all your site files organized and readily available and accessible from any device.

MidPhase's shared SSL certificates secure your site from intruders. Ecommerce websites are also supported with important tools for business focused content.

On the down side, some notable features MidPhase lacks include customizable error pages and one-click app installs.

Furthermore, to access site statistics and spam filters, you will have to purchase the premium packages.

There is plenty of help literature on the cpanel in case there are issues that need clarification. You can access the support crew via email, toll-free telephone and by filling an online contact form. Live chat is also available on MidPhase's website.

Hostgator ($4.95)

Hostgator is the second most popular hosting company after Go Daddy.

The hosting company allows you to host unlimited domains using your account, with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

The unlimited package is available for all the hosting plans except the lowest-priced plan. Ecommerce websites are fully supported so that you can create a site where your visitors can shop for the products and services using the shopping cart software.

Some of the features offered by HostGator include a site builder and the single click installation of popular website software.

When it comes to mail services, you should expect a webmail option which gives you ability to create an unlimited amount of POP3 accounts. Other features include email aliases, autoresponders, mailing lists, catch-alls and mail forwarding. Spam Assassin is also available with each of Hostgator's packages to guard your inbox against unsolicited mail.

HostGator's custom cron jobs and error pages will also come in handy in constructing and managing your website. With Cron jobs, you will be able to schedule server tasks to occur automatically. It however, lacks a script library.

Technical support can be accessed through the FAQ page on the main site which also has user forums and video tutorials. Customer care reps can be reached via email, live chat or toll-free telephone.

iPage ($3. 50)

It is a relatively affordable hosting company but at the same time offering some of the best hosting features.

iPage offers most of its features without restriction and they include: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited emails. Basic shopping cart tools and marketing tools are available for Ecommerce sites.

The unlimited MySQL databases is one of the features I personally drool aver. You can create as many databases as you want under your account.

However, iPage still lacks several goodies available in other hosting companies featured above. The service lacks such features such as custom cron jobs and the significantly important script library. It also lacks a site stats program which would have enabled you assess the performance of your website in terms of traffic.

iPage supports numerous Content Management Systems you can use to manage blogs, photo galleries and forum plugins such as Joomla, WordPress, Gallery2 and Gbook.

iPage also supports Macromedia Shockwave, Midi File, Flash, Real Audio and Video which are crucial in managing your multimedia content.

Technical support is available via telephone, live chat or email.

Happy Hunting folks!

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